Category: QQI Accredited Courses
Description: The purpose of this award is to equip the learner with the
relevant knowledge, skill and competence to participate in the
workplace for a limited time, carrying out work-related tasks
independently while under general direction.
Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to:
1 Examine work organisations and personal career
opportunities in a particular vocational area, to
include consideration of work-related issues and
2 Analyse key challenges and opportunities facing a
particular vocational area.
3 Summarise the basic rights and responsibilities of
employees and employers in a particular work,
organisational or institutional context, to include
health, safety and welfare at work, equality
legislation, union representation and regulations
relating to pay
4 Compile a personal and vocational skills audit and
career plan for a specific vocational area, to include
goals and action points for the period of work
5 Present relevant work experience material, to include
a CV or personal statement, letter of application,
evidence of job-finding skills, skills checklist,
statement of learning goals, contractual
6 Participate effectively in work experience, to include
observation of good timekeeping, working
independently while under general direction, meeting
deadlines, personal presentation, communication,
adherence to health, safety and other relevant
7 Demonstrate effective communications skills in the
workplace, to include personal, interpersonal and
technological communications skills
8 Reflect on workplace experiences, to include
feedback by supervisors or mentors on personal
performance and challenges such as conflict,
criticism, meeting new people and learning in relation
to quality management.
9 Explore options for future education, training and
employment in light of work experience
Tutor: TBA TBA
Fee: €240
Duration: 13 weeks
Start Date: 2021-09-20
Start/End Time: 21.00 - 22.00